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In the world of fresh fruit, all it takes is one juicy idea to see a brand reborn.


Fresh raspberries, blue berries and even black berries have long been the ultimate foodie treat; however no one knew what Boysenberries were, or that they held a juicy sweet secret of their own.

Yarramundi, a family-owned farm renowned for producing the finest hand-picked berries, had negotiated a contract with Australia’s major supermarkets to deliver fresh, seasonal boysenberries straight off the vine, just in time for summer. 

The season is short, supply comes in large quantities and the berries must be sold very quickly (otherwise they are bound for the discount pile or worse, waste).

Brand Idea.
Make them a Christmas staple. Timed to hit shelves the weeks leading up to Christmas, the opportunity to have them feature heavily on the Christmas day table across the country was set to solve the demand issue that Yarramundi came to us with.

Saltree crafted a bespoke brand identity, packaging design, photoshoot and instore collateral (including a website and Christmas Recipe Book) that positioned Yarramundi Boysenberries as the perfectly sweet, seasonal treat that everyone will love.

Sales increased significantly compared to previous years, with retailers being quick to jump on board and proactively display the brand’s point of sale through their store.

Work completed.
Identity. Packaging Design. Point of sale. Marketing. Art Direction. Photography. Website.

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