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Providore Global

Take 3 guys, a bunch of cows add a pinch of Saltree and you get pure Australian Beef of Distinction. A+ Guaranteed.

Since rebranding in 2014, Providore Global has experienced 83% year-on-year growth and has become the epitome for high-profile international restaurants, chefs and major retailers throughout China, UAE, Japan, Korea, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

As the demand for Australian produce continues to boom within China's retail grocery markets, Providore Global needed a path-to-market Brand Plan that set them apart from the competitive set.

The brief was alarmingly simple. Develop a compelling Brand, Story and reason for Walmart China to believe that Providore Global was the go-to supplier for pure Australian beef.

An indepth category, competitor and consumer analysis of China's retail market ensued along with an integrated Brand Positioning Program. The critical findings underpinned all fascets of the brand's positioning, creative and path-to-market strategy.

For the brand to succeed, we needed to unearth and communicate the heart of the brand.

Pure Australian Beef of Distinction. Australia Plus. Guaranteed.

Every aspect of the brand identity, 24-page retailer pitch, website and Rosedale Ruby consumer packaging revolves around this story.

The result was instant success. Within a month of rebranding, Providore Global has been appointed official suppliers to Walmart China, Sam's Club China, along with high-profile international resturants and other major retailers throughout China, UAE, Japan, Korea and Australia.

Work completed.
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We knew that to succeed we needed to unearth and communicate the heart of the brand.

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