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Dental Innovations

Pigs can’t fly, but dentists can.

Since 1997, Dental Innovations has helped independent Australian dentists save more than $35 million, however with the rise of corporate dental cooperatives reducing margins and market share, Dental Innovations needed a compelling Advertising Campaign Idea, Brand Identity Design, Customer Acquisition Program and B2B Marketing Strategy that set them ahead of the rest.

Commencing with a Visual Audit and Discovery Workshop, Saltree partnered with Dental Innovation’s in-house team to define the business’s key objectives and outline critical insights pertaining to their specific audience niche within the Australian dental industry.

Their Brand & Marketing Strategy needed to overcome barriers common amongst independent Australian dentists and effectively communicate the benefits of Dental Innovation in a visually engaging and memorable way — we couldn't be just another toothbrush on the shelf!

“Pigs Can’t Fly, But Dentists Can” is a single campaignable idea that embodies Dental Innovations entire business philosophy of helping dentists run highly profitable independent practices.

In less than a minute, this simple brand story overcomes the stigma and doubt that research indicated is often felt by independent dentists who may feel isolated and alone when facing industry corporatization.

Bold, stylized illustrations, conversational headlines, and trust-provoking colorways bring the Marketing Campaign Idea to life via across every touchpoint of the brand’s Visual Identity Design, Website Design, Direct Mail, eDMs, Digital Banners, Brochures, Print Ads, Exhibition Display, Merchandise and other marketing collateral.

Since launching, Dental Innovations rebrand has seen the brand experienced a dramatic lift in new business acquisitions and client retention with feedback unanimously stating that customers now easily understand the benefits of partnering with their brand.

Work completed.
Discovery Workshop, Campaign Strategy, Art Direction, Visual Identity Brand Design, Tone of Voice Guidelines, Marketing Strategy, Illustration, Website Design, Point of Sale Design & Marketing Collateral.

Dental Innovations Brand Story & Identity Design embodies their entire business philosophy of helping dentists run highly profitable independent practices.

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