Castlegate James

With farmers embracing online technology, CJA reset the pace in the digital race.

Castlegate James, Australia’s largest stockfeed manufacturer commissioned an integrated eCommerce Digital Strategy and website to increase marketshare amongst the evolving tech-savvy rural market.

The website has positioned the brand at the forefront of the industry and appeals to a diverse range of stakeholders.

During the planning phases, extensive user experience wireframes and an SEO strategy were developed in alignment to stakeholder and category insights. Critical findings from the studies were incorporated into all facets of the interface design and front-end works.

Fully responsive, the website design features intensive eMarketing capabilities enabling easy segmented direct mail campaigns along with a fully integrated eComm product catalogue.

Since relaunching in late 2014, the site has been an instrumental sales tools for reps and has experienced month-on-month traffic growth.

Work complete.
Brand Identity, User Experience Wireframes, Website Interface Design, Front End Development, eComm Development

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